Getting Into College Has Never Been So Accessible

There is a lot of uncertainty right now around the college process – How will you take the required standardized testing? How will you visit potential colleges? These are all questions that we don’t have answers to or control over. We especially understand how stressful things are right now, and with all the uncertainty surrounding testing, current work, and college visits, it’s good to have something to focus on! Which is why we want to help you understand the confusing college application process and use this time at home in a productive way!

In our college application workshop, we will guide you through the ENTIRE college application process – from picking which colleges you want to apply to, writing essays, understanding financial aid, and much more!  

From the comfort of your home, your student will gain the knowledge of the full application process, from preparing a solid application package with strong essays, to financial considerations for the colleges of their choice.

By the end of this course students will:

  1. Have a list of colleges they want to apply to that fit their goals and needs
  2. Have completed their first drafts of their main essays
  3. Have completed their activity list and be prepared to complete their applications, including the Common and Coalition Applications
  4. Have a solid understanding of financial aid
  5. Understand how to find and win private scholarships

With these eight LIVE sessions over three weeks, you will finish this course feeling prepared to take on the college process.

Along with the eight live sessions, with this course you will receive (2) BONUS videos on applying to selective colleges and how to interview.

You will also receive a PERSONALIZED 30 minute consultation call with our experienced team to talk about your goals. 

Lastly, you will receive long term support through our College Insights’ Parent Facebook Group and our College Insights’ Student Facebook Group!  These groups will be focused on providing you with long term, ongoing support to help you navigate this process. You’ll be able to ask questions, share your thoughts and ideas, and find helpful tips from our community of parents and College Insights’ team!

As we know parents need support through this process as well, we are offering a four part webinar series for parents. The webinar series includes our webinars on The College Timeline, The SAT vs. The ACT and Creating a Study Plan, Understanding Financial Aid, and How to Find and Win Private Scholarships. 

Check out our detailed syllabus HERE!

If you are ready to get ahead, then this course is for YOU!



College Insights has been able to help hundreds of students doing private consulting. We are starting our 8th year of supporting students from grades 8-12 in academic advising, resume building, and applying to colleges. To give the best admissions advice, we visit and research colleges all over the United States; and we believe great placement is the most important aspect of the process. With a strong team in place that Elisia has built, College Insights hopes to help more students in the future and encourage education for all who want it.

About the Instructor

The upcoming College Application Online Workshop will be taught by one of the leading experts in the field of admissions, Elisia Howard.

  • CEO, Founder of College Insights
  • Only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in the state of Washington
  • Masters in Education, Certified College Counselor
  • Has worked in education for 16 years, including five years as a university professor and as the Head of Corporate Education at a fortune 1000 company
  • Has worked in private admissions for almost 10 years
  • Has been featured in almost a dozen publications in the past four years alone
  • Elisia has a 100% acceptance rate for students she’s worked with one-on-one. This means every student she’s worked with has received admittance to their choice school.


This course is normally $999, but because so many families have lost their income due to the coronavirus outbreak and this is an unexpected expense, we are offering everyone a $300 scholarship. Therefore, we are only charging $699 for this course!



Refund Policy: If you change your mind within 7 days of purchase or by the end of the second class, whichever is first, we’ll credit your money to be used towards another College Insights service!


College Insights was the perfect resource to guide our daughter through the college selection and application process. Our daughter was resisting parental guidance and we wanted to avoid unnecessary battles. Our daughter worked with Elisia, who immediately gained our daughter’s trust, becoming receptive to ideas and suggestions that she needed to consider. Elisia helped compile a list of colleges for our daughter to apply to, and she created a comprehensive to-do list with deadlines for completion. This was crucial in keeping our daughter on task and on time! We joked that this service was more of a gift for us as parents, since it kept the peace and kept our daughter on track to applying for college. I would recommend College Insights to anyone trying to navigate through the college selection and application process.

–Amy L.

“College Insights has been an incredible resource for not only my own kids, but the families I serve as well. I was struggling to get my sons on track with their college goals. Elisia worked with both my sons and not only got them focused on the tasks they needed to accomplish, but got them excited about the next phase of their lives. Using College Insights’ services saved us so much time, energy, and money, I don’t know what we would have done without them.”

–Melissa D.

“I was feeling overwhelmed by all the deadlines and things to get done for college and felt behind on everything. I asked my mom for help and she found College Insights. After our first meeting I felt comfortable and less stressed about everything. Elisia made everything easy and broke big things down into smaller, bite-sized chunks. I am now at my dream school, UW!”

Rob V.

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