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All the different college application options these days can get so confusing! The CommonApp makes the process easier, but it comes with its own set of rules that frustrate many. This course was designed to walk students through a simple to follow process so they can Ace the CommonApp.

I know that the course worksheets and video explanations won’t get you into your dream school all by themselves, but putting effort into your application can. That is why I designed this course and its bonuses to set you on the right track to getting into your dream school.

Ace the CommonApp is no ordinary course. Instead of offering general, sort of useless information that many courses contain, I take you step-by-step through filling out your CommonApp. I literally take screenshots of a real application and show you what to write in each box, how to answer every question while helping you understand why they’re asking it (which strengthens your application), and provide numerous examples from past students so you know how to make your application stand out. It doesn’t get any easier than Ace the CommonApp!

Here's What People Are Saying:

“Elisia Howard is so knowledgeable about the admissions process. We brought her in to educate our families on the Common App. She broke down an overwhelming topic into bite-sized, actionable pieces so families could make progress with less stress. We loved working with her on this project. Thanks so much, Elisia!”
– Jocelyn Paonita, CEO, The Scholarship System

“The CommonApp course was AMAZING! My son loved it and said it made filling out his applications much easier. It was nice for me as a parent and reduced my stress because I had no idea how to answer his questions or where to even start. You can tell the instructor has done this for a long time and knew what questions students would ask and was prepared with examples.”
– Rick L.

“This course made filling out my CommonApp so much easier! I was feeling lost and didn’t know how to answer so many of the questions they were asking me and didn’t know how to write the descriptions. It was so nice to have my application open and go through this course so I could go box by box and know I was doing everything right.”
–  Sara H.

Course Curriculum

  1. The CommonApp Part 1
    • Ace the CommonApp and Your Activity List
    • Benefits of the CommonApp
    • Filling Out The Common Application
  2. The CommonApp Part 2
    • Your Activities Section and Activity List
    • Examples of Activity List Descriptions
  3. The CommonApp Part 3
    • Dates, Deadlines, and the Additional Information Section
    • The CommonApp Essay- A Broad Overview
    • Mistakes to Avoid
    • The College Application Checklist
    • Final Tips and Additional Support

Your Course Includes

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

14-day money-back guarantee. We understand that college admissions is complicated, so our satisfaction guarantee is one less thing to worry about.

1 Year All Access

Take what you need and go back to the course as often as you want! No need to rush, you have a whole year.

Exclusive Facebook Groups for Parents and Students

A community of support to help with any of your questions or concerns.

10 video lessons and 5 downloadable worksheets

Get through your CommonApp easily with these lessons and resources.

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These are my gifts to you.

Creating Your College List

Not sure about what college you want to go to? This worksheet will help you get organized and begin choosing which schools you will ultimately apply to.

$77 Value

Discovering Your Major

Have no idea what you want to major in? You’re not alone. This worksheet has effective exercises that can help you determine which majors best suit you.

$97 Value

Tackling College Visits

Ask the questions that matter. This is a simple to follow guide with questions and things to note to make the most out of your college visits! 

$37 Value

This course is easily worth over $1,000, but we’re in the business of helping kids and we don’t want anyone to miss out because of cost.

For the same cost as a textbook, you can get a professionally guided, complete course!

Meet Your Instructor

Elisia Howard, M.A., CFAA, CCC

Founder and CEO, College Insights

As a leading expert in the realm of academic advising, college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, my mission is to educate and aid students through the college admissions process beginning as early as middle school and extending through graduate school. Working in education for 17 years has afforded me opportunities to work with thousands of students from around the world. I’m currently the only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in the state of Washington, have my Master’s in Education, and I am a Certified College Counselor. I have done it all- from curriculum development to admissions, including five years as a university professor and leading corporate education at a large global company. After working in admissions for almost 10 years, I know the process inside and out. As a teacher, I naturally love working with students and seeing the look on their faces when something finally “clicks.” With college admissions, I find it to be even more rewarding because I know how much I’m impacting the rest of their lives. I love knowing that these students are not going to have to choose between paying off student loans, getting married, or buying a house. Watching a student succeed and enjoy their college experience because they chose a college that is right for them brings me joy. I love being able to provide students and parents with options they never thought they had, and making a difference in every way possible.

Ace The CommonApp Course

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