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The Essay Portion Stresses Students More Than ANY OTHER Part Of The College Admissions Process (Even Students Known For Their Writing Skills)!

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Essays are the most vital (and most struggled with) tools in your college application arsenal.

Give yourself the ultimate edge by...

  • Knowing EXACTLY what you need to write about
  • Keeping the admission officers interested with CAPTIVATING storytelling methods
  • Know what topics and tones of speech to AVOID
  • Paragraph: You’re going to receive a value packed course, along with worksheets and guides that give you the steps, tools, and resources to knock your essays out of the water in order to further increase your chances of getting into your dream college.

Here’s exactly what’s covered for you in the essay course…

Lesson 1

Know The Importance of Your Essay

Lesson 2

Essay Prompts Galore

Lesson 3

Writing Powerful Essay

Lesson 4

Application Specific Prompts

Lesson 5

5 Steps to An Admission Worthy Essay Paragraph

Lesson 6

11 Tips To Take Your Essay To The Next Level

Lesson 7

How to Overcome Writer’s Block

Lesson 8

Different Types of Essay & Examples

Lesson 9

Admission Worthy Essays

Ready to make the essay portion as easy as possible?

An editing guide so that you can avoid common MISTAKES/PITFALLS that plague many other graduating juniors and seniors

A recommended topic list that can help you figure out EXACTLY what you want to write about

You’re going to get an essay course that can propel you forward in the college admissions process. Give your applications the edge it needs to woo admission officers.

A straightforward series of videos that will lead you in the right direction for writing COMPELLING essays

A Grade A workbook with prompts, questions, and exercises that can make the entire process EASIER for you.


Here is a list of the course. This really is the most complete essay course out there! I double checked!

The importance of college admissions essays

Main essay prompts

How to make yourself stand out

CommonApp and Coalition App prompts

The five steps to take to write compelling college admissions essays

An in depth look at my top 11 tips to writing your essays

How to overcome writer’s block

The different types of college admissions essays and how to write them with examples

Examples of great admissions essays

Getting ideas of what to write about And so much more!