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The truth is, financial aid is complicated. It’s complicated because most people don’t really understand it and the formula for how it’s calculated has never been made public. I get it! When I was applying to college, I had the same frustrations and concerns you’re having right now. Unfortunately, no one spends the necessary time with students and parents to help them understand the process or what to do next. Get the scoop on the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to financial aid so that you can be prepared when it’s time to apply.

Financial Aid Made Easy covers more than the basics you’ll learn at a parent night at your local high school. I dive into advanced financial aid, so you understand what is going on from all angles, WHY they are asking you certain questions, and how to know if money is missing (which happens about 30% of the time).

This course comes with 10 videos, PDFs, and other resources to help you complete your financial paperwork more easily, and know what to do next when something goes awry (and it will.) But, don’t worry. I’m here with you every step of the way!

Here's What People Are Saying:

“I’ve been a college counselor for almost 10 years and I learned new stuff in the course! I loved learning more about what’s happening on the back end and how it impacts my students.”– David M.

“I recently went through a divorce and was worried about how my daughter’s financial aid would be impacted since our income changed so much. It was so nice learning in this course how I can help my daughter and not go into so much debt.”– Kayla L.

“This course made getting through the financial aid process so much easier! It broke down financial aid so nicely and the information provided is invaluable. I don’t know how we would have gotten through this process without the information provided in Financial Aid Made Easy.” –  Sara H.

Course Curriculum

  1. Financial Aid 101
    • Getting Started and What to Expect
    • Types of Financial Aid
    • EFC and Award Letters
    • Getting the Best Financial Aid
    • Final Preparation for Financial Aid 201
  2. Financial Aid 201
    • Financial Aid 201
    • Verification
    • Appeals and Wrong Offers
    • Important Things to Know
    • Additional Support

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10 video lessons and 1 downloadable worksheet

Plus, three bonus lessons and two worksheets to help you get even more money.

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Financial Aid Facts and Myths

I debunk the greatest myths surrounding financial aid and shine light on the facts. Learn what are rumors versus the truth surrounding this complicated topic in this lesson.

$77 Value

Having the Money Talk

Open communication between parents and the child is VITAL when it comes time to send your college student off to school. This lesson not only talks about why it’s SO IMPORTANT to have these conversations (and how expensive college can quickly get without them), but also covers how to have the conversations. This lesson includes a printable checklist to make it easier to have the money talk.

$97 Value

How to Find and Win Scholarships

Learn my biggest tips and tricks to finding and winning private scholarships to help make college more affordable. This bonus video also comes with a scholarship organizer to make it easier to start winning scholarships quickly.

$99 Value

This course is easily worth over $1,000, but we’re in the business of helping kids and we don’t want anyone to miss out because of cost.

For the same cost as a textbook, you can get a professionally guided, complete course!

Meet Your Instructor

Elisia Howard, M.A., CFAA, CCC

Founder and CEO, College Insights

As a leading expert in the realm of academic advising, college admissions, financial aid, and scholarships, my mission is to educate and aid students through the college admissions process beginning as early as middle school and extending through graduate school. Working in education for almost 20 years has afforded me opportunities to work with thousands of students from around the world.

I’m currently the only Certified Financial Aid Advisor in the state of Washington, have my Master’s in Education, and I am a Certified College Counselor. I have done it all- from curriculum development to admissions, including five years as a university professor and leading corporate education at a large global company. After working in admissions for almost 10 years, I know the process inside and out.

As a teacher, I naturally love working with students and seeing the look on their faces when something finally “clicks.” With college admissions, I find it to be even more rewarding because I know how much I’m impacting the rest of their lives. I love knowing that these students are not going to have to choose between paying off student loans, getting married, or buying a house. Watching a student succeed and enjoy their college experience because they chose a college that is right for them brings me joy. I love being able to provide students and parents with options they never thought they had, and making a difference in every way possible.

Financial Aid Made Easy

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