Who is College Insights?

College Insights is a college advisory firm focused on helping high school students and college graduates come out of college with little to no student loan debt using a variety of methods.

Things to Know About the Student Loan Debt Crisis: 

1 in 4 Americans have student loan debt.

The average student has $40,000 in student loan debt (that’s a $400 monthly payment!)

More Americans have student loan debt than they have auto loans or credit card debt combined


Problems this causes YOU:  


Employee turnover/retention

Employee recruitment

Employee Stress: You can’t focus on your job if you are worried about paying bills and debt



We are experts in the student loan game and use over 150 different programs and strategies to help graduates save the most money on their student loans as possible.

Personalized placement to applicable student loan programs.

Simple and affordable process.

Is it for you?

We understand that businesses are not always able to give employees a higher salaries.  We also understand that new graduates may not have the experience and skill sets that command a higher salary.

Working with us to reduce student loan debt has the same effect as giving a raise!

This gives you an advantage over other companies!

We Offer the Following Benefits to Employees:


Get the money you need to fund your child’s or your own education.

Financial Aid

  We’ll do your FAFSA and other financial aid paperwork for you, maximize the aid you receive, and make sure you aren’t missing any free money you qualify for. 

College Admission

 Students receive step-by-step guidance from one of our expert admissions advisors. We’ll help you create your college list, write highly effective essays, create an ACT/SAT study plan, and much more.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Did you graduate with student loan debt? We may be able to help you get rid of it! We don’t mean debt refinancing. When we say forgiveness, we mean FORGIVENESS. We help you come up with the smartest strategy for dealing with your loans to save you as much money as possible.

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