Immigrant Families

Immigrant families face so many challenges. I have been an immigrant myself, so I have a lot of compassion and respect for the unique challenges immigrant families face. It’s not easy adjusting to a different country, and the college application process is confusing enough for non-immigrant families, let alone for immigrant families having to navigate a completely different system than you are used to. In addition to the regular application process, immigrant families often have other things to think about. Schools often require an additional language component and tests for immigrant students as well as visa considerations that need to be attended to. I love working with students from all around the world and have clients in South Korea, Japan, India, China, Germany, UAE, Canada, Singapore, and many other places. I understand the ins and outs of the college application process for immigrant families and can help your family easily navigate applications while also getting your child into their choice school.

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Like many consulting companies, we offer a vast array of services. To help keep it simple, we like to break down our services into four main categories—Academic Advising, College Admissions, Paying for College, and Student Loans.

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