Military Families and Veterans

The children of military families often make many sacrifices for their parent’s service. It can be difficult to move frequently as a teenager. However, when college application time comes, military families not only have to worry about the confusing process that every other family has to worry about as far as college applications are concerned, but they have the added stress of possible gaps in their transcripts, activities, and courses, and are often missing important extracurriculars that other students are not. These gaps can make students look weaker in their college applications and I can help alleviate the problems associated with such gaps to help turn that weakness into a strength.

Financially speaking, military families qualify for a number of benefits that civilian families do not. When leveraged correctly, we can often get three college educations for the price of one. We understand all of the benefits your child and family is entitled to and can help leverage each situation to it’s fullest, so the student is supported fully and your family saves the most money possible.

Our Services

Like many consulting companies, we offer a vast array of services. To help keep it simple, we like to break down our services into four main categories—Academic Advising, College Admissions, Paying for College, and Student Loans.

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