Student Loans

$70,089- that is the amount of money we save our clients on average. That is life changing for a graduate! Are you a graduate that is still struggling to figure out how to pay back your loans? The average graduate makes less than $50,000 a year, which is barely enough to cover living expenses, let alone make student loan payments. Our first goal is to get as much of your debt forgiven or discharged as possible, or to save you as much money as possible when loan forgiveness is not an option.

The Process

Congratulations, you’ve graduated! Fast-forward six months later and, there it is, a bill for your first student loan payment. You’ve been working for a few months and now you’re entering a new reality - student loan payments every month for the next 10 years- and that’s IF you’re lucky! The average person takes over 21 years to pay off their student loan debt! We are here to help minimize that, whether you are a new college graduate, you have been burdened with student debt for years, or are a parent trying to pay your parent loans.

The Solution

This is where College Insights can step in and help. College Insights helps 70% of student loan borrowers who contact us by either reducing or completely eliminating their student loan debt. How are we able to do this? College Insights has over 100 different programs and strategies that we utilize to ensure you are paying the absolute minimum for your education. We are able to quickly analyze your situation and create the best plan for you to tackle your student debt. We help clients of all ages and life circumstances reduce their education costs.

Our goal is to reduce the $1.5 trillion dollars of US student loan debt, one student at a time. Let us help you alleviate your debt and feel the financial freedom you’ll have when the stress of student loan debt is off your shoulders!

Company Benefit

College Insights offers our student loan help as an employee benefit! With 44.7 million student loan borrowers, many employees at your company are struggling with debt. You may not be able to give everyone a raise, but we can often save them money on their loans, creating the same effect of getting a raise. Offering student loan assistance as an employee benefit helps you reduce turnover, makes recruiting easier, and comes at little to no cost to you.

Did you know that your employer may offer our program as a benefit and pay your fees for you? Ask us!


“After having my baby girl this past year and making the decision to work very part-time, I was struggling to pay my student loans each month, I reached out to College Insights and am so happy I did! They have helped my family so much and relieved so much stress in this very important time in my life. Not only were my loan payments reduced to 0, they saved me over $4,000 this year alone! I wish I had called them sooner! I highly recommend their services and will be telling all my friends with student loans to contact them!- Rikki V.

“My daughter earned a doctorate in physical therapy and built up significant student loans. We retained the services of College Insights to see if there were any options to reduce that debt. [They] got us into a program where the debt payments would not only be reduced, but also the remainder of the debt would be forgiven. This could be as much as $100,000 savings for my daughter. I only wish I had known about you when we were planning college and we would have reduced the debt we incurred by another 50%. I heartily recommend your services.” Doug P.

Our Services

Like many consulting companies, we offer a vast array of services. To help keep it simple, we like to break down our services into four main categories—Academic Advising, College Admissions, Paying for College, and Student Loans.

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