College Admissions- Undergraduate and Graduate School

Comprehensive Package (Junior/Senior Year of High School): $4,200

Our Comprehensive Package takes the student and their family step by step through the college search and application process. We begin with an initial meeting to assess the student and their goals and continue to work with that student until they make their final decision. This service includes:

  • Yearlong academic planning
  • Future career planning
  • Academic advising
  • Academic record review
  • High school course selection advising
  • Summer activity recommendations
  • Extracurricular planning
  • College matching/college list
  • Standardized test preparation
  • Preparation for college visits
  • Assistance for student athletes
  • Financial aid and scholarship guidance
  • Resume reparation
  • Essay assistance
  • College application review
College Essay Program: $1,799

The essays that comprise college applications are not the typical essays students are used to writing in English class, nor are they just another piece of the application process. College essays are an uncommon genre that must catch the attention of admissions officers and showcase the students’ intellect, personality, and potential. Our consultants have years of experience helping students craft their essays so they get noticed by admissions officers.

The Essay Program Includes:
5 Hours of Essay Guidance:
  • This includes any combination of detailed written responses and phone/video chat time to brainstorm and discuss ideas and read through drafts
Call Summaries:
  • Email synopsis of every phone consultation
Your Senior Consultant Will Help You:
  • Brainstorm and discuss essay topics
  • Draw out compelling angles
  • Guide you through the writing process and help with writer’s block
  • Offer candid and specific feedback to drafts
  • Provide motivation and set deadlines
Some essays may need only proofreading while others need to be coaxed from a blank page. Your consultant will help you with whatever is needed to create compelling essays. Our counselors are accustomed to tutoring over the phone and reviewing drafts by email. They can work with students from anywhere in the world, at any time. * Note: The Essay Program can also be used for Prep School essays which are similar in context to college admissions essays.

Prep Package $2,500

This package is designed for younger students, those just starting high school or who just want to discuss their preliminary college plans and review course activities and extracurricular selections. This package is also helpful for students who are interested in personality surveys and need direction. The typical Prep Package consists of two to three meetings, with additional email or telephone consultation as necessary. The Prep Package includes:

Personalized Admissions Report:

Evaluation of a student’s background in academic, personal, and extracurricular areas
  • Level Testing:
    Checking subjects to know the student’s academic grade level
  • Reading List and Vocabulary Program:
    Geared toward standardized test prep
  • Personalized Testing Schedule:
    Year-by-year strategy for standardized testing
  • Customized Guidance:
    Course planning, extracurricular choices, and summer plans
  • Academic Development:
    Support in articulating and developing an academic edge
  • College Strategy:
    Begin crafting a college list
  • Honing Academic Skills:
    Refining study, organization, and note-taking skills

Package consists of 10 hours of one-on-one support with a Senior Counselor via phone/email/video-chat.

Financial Services

FAFSA Application $100

This service is for students who only need assistance completing their FAFSA application. If you are interested in discussing other financial aid options, please consider our Financial Aid Package.

CSS Profile Application $200

This service is for students who only need assistance filling out their CSS profile. If you are interested in discussing other financial aid options, please consider our Financial Aid Package.

Financial Aid Package $749

It seems like financial aid and the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) are made to be complicated, and the CSS Profile only complicates things even more. To make sure the process runs smoothly and that you pass verification, you can work with one of our Senior Counselors and Certified Financial Aid Advisors to make sure that you are awarded the money you deserve, understand what you are paying and what your options are for payment. The Financial Aid Package includes:

  • FAFSA Completion:
    Help with gathering required financial documents and completing the FAFSA form
  • CSS Profile Completion:
    Help with gathering required financial documents, understanding how the CSS profile changes your award in the context to your unique family situation, and completing the CSS Profile.
  • Review of Award Letters:
    Discuss final awards from accepted schools and what they mean
  • Financial Stretegy Session:
    Understanding your options
  • Professional Judgement Letter:
    Drafting of letter to Financial Aid office if needed

 Includes up to five hours of one-on-one consulting with a Certified Financial Aid Advisor via phone/email/video chat.

Scholarship Search Package: Pricing Varies

There is no reason anyone should graduate from college with large amounts of student loan debt, yet, most people do. To avoid this, you just have to be creative! We have a Scholarship Coordinator who works with students to find great scholarships to make college more affordable and help students with their scholarship applications. Investing the time in applying for scholarships will be worth it when you graduate with little or no debt!

Group Classes

Application Bootcamp Price Varies

During this boot camp, you will work with our application team and get all the support you need to create a college acceptance strategy and increase your acceptance odds! By the end of the boot camp you will have:

  • Your College List:
    Complete your individual list of schools that are right for you
  • Your College Majors:
    Get a better idea of what you may want to major in
  • An SAT/ACT Plan:
    Have a plan for which test you are going to take and how you will prepare for them
  • Prepared Multiple Essays:
    Leave with essays that can be adapted for supplements
  • A Complete Common Application:
    Work one-on-one and in small groups to complete the entire Common Application
  • Letters of Recommendation:
    Know who to get your letters from and what they should say
  • Develop an Acceptance Strategy:
    Customized application plan to maximize early acceptances
  • Created an Activity and Achievements Inventory:
    Sum up high school awards, activities and extras in an Activity Sheet
  • Learned how to Ace the Interviews:
    Learn interview techniques
  • A List of Selective Colleges Tips:
    Create a plan to really make you stand out if you are planning on applying to a top-tier school
  • An Understanding of FAFSA and Financial Aid Basics:
    Know the costs involved in a college education and what that means for you and your family
Self-Guided Application Boot Camp Coming Soon!

Can't make it to our in-person Application Boot Camp? You can still get all the great information of our regular boot camp by taking our online, Self-Guided online course.

Unique Opportunities

SAT Tutoring and Courses Price Varies

We offer private tutoring, small group tutoring, and classes. Please contact us for more information

Student Loan Consulting

Are you about to graduate or have you already graduated, and you’re not sure what to do about your student loans? Contact us today for your free consultation and learn the smartest way to handle your student loans for your particular situation.

*We offer many more packages and services in addition to those listed here.  For more information,  please contact us.